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Monday, 30 January 2012



In my first write up of the world in chaos, i outlisted some mishaps in our worldly system of things. I thought of going futher to list other mishaps in other sectors of this system of things but what good will that do? . It would just be like adding insults to injuries. Are'nt many already aware of these problems?. So i decided that in the second part of the series, i would urge us to be awake to reality.
   Despite the many problems of our world, you would agree with me that a good number of people are not still sensitized and for some that are sensitized, they simply don't know where everything is heading.
Hey people , please join me as i gaze upon our world. I've looked to East and to the West. To the North and to the South also have i looked and all I see is a world in distress. Children are dying of hunger, many are bathing with urea due to drought, disaster, war and voilence abound in many fields. The play ground of many children are covered in blood, the weather is no longer friendly. The times are hard and poverty abounds in many planes. Look the plains that once offered many peace, comfort and hope, it is the same that tormenting them with night mares because of the violence that has been done there. Oh what distressing time it is for many. My friend, this is the common reality of our today world. I know that not many may take proper note of these things because the eyes of many have been blinded to these things and the common blindfold is money. Wealth, affluence , plenty, comfortability, e.t.c. They are what has blinded many. To the youth, a comfortable life has blinded them to greatness. To the adult, when the money keeps coming and the go gets going, how would you know if there is this magnitude of suffering out there.
    Basically what are my saying here?, Am i saying it is wrong to be rich?, definitely not!. Even what i want to advice right now is that you work very hard to enable become rich. Basically what i am saying is this: youth, let not the comfortability that you enjoy blind you to greatness and the reality of the world out there. You must work hard that you may become great and be in a position to  solve the worlds problems and reachout to the needy , bereaved, broken hearted and less previleged. The lord God gave you a comfortable life so that you might help the world around you. To the adult, work hard, become rich and stretch out your hand to the less previlege becaue only in this way will you live a well fufilled life here on earth and everlasting life in the world to come.

Nesimeye I. Oswald
Blog author