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Monday, 16 July 2012


                                 WISDOM SERIES

Have you ever asked yourself why you exist ?.In this complex system of unseeming varsity, we've found our existence in this habitable niche called earth. The sumary of all our activities as far as can be thought of are these: children are born unto men, the old men of the system after their working and toiling strifing after the wind are found to leave the system empty handed. They were born with nothing and when they were leaving, everything was taken from them even despite all the work and troubles they had to go through. This process is the same for the young that are born into the system and it will continue for generations unending. The process has always been and it's still and will continue to be. I gaze upon this whole process and all i see is purposelesness and unending vanity , every activity is always tending to nothing. I look at the vanity in everything and i ask myself 'why am i here?'. Why should i have to toil day and night only to leave the system empty handed?. The vanity in this system is realy a great injustice and it sickens my heart.

But if there is one thing that has given me comfort in everything there is, then it will be this: I know for sure that beyond this system, there exists another system. There the rich, the poor, the great, the small, the mighty, the little, kings and the commoners have all gone and will continue to go. There do you find equality. There is no title given to anyone there nor is there a supercesion of one more than the other. This is the system of our eternal existence. In this system, the reward due to each one according to his/her activity on earth is given to them. Some to eternal damnation and some to eternal life. I in my own understanding corellated this system and the earthly system and drew my conclusion of why i am here. And this was my conclusion : I exist in the earthly system simply to make eternal life in the other system and my existence in the other system would be simply for fellowship with the God of the systems. This is true and valid for all existing homosapien. Thus its invariably foolish to go after vanity in this earthly system. The much needed activity is for us to wash our garments clean and try our best to make eternal life in the system beyond this one. This itself is the purpose of our existence in this system so live wisely.


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