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Saturday, 4 August 2012


15 Rhapsodies of Oswald

  •  The greatest men that ever lived are not those of physical strenght but of spiritual strenght. 
  • Our limitations exists only in our thoughts. 
  • Sorrow is a friend of the foolishly minded one but merry is his sworn enemy. 
  • Procrastination is an enemy of progress. 
  • The greatest us are revealed in times of our distress.
  • A mind occupied with duties cannot house grudges. 
  • Only beautiful flowers attract buterflies. 
  • Science is simply a replicate of nature for nature had it first. 
  • The real beauty lies not in the outward appearance of a man but in the innermost part of a man. 
  • Most great men had ugly beginings. 
  • It is easier to listen than to hear for our heart ponders when we hear. 
  • Some have meal and still ask for desert while some are praying for a quater of the meal they have.
  • Nature houses the beauty of God.
  • The art of living is not to do what pleases the heart but to do that which has to be done.
  • Be good to all if you can but remember you will still have enemies.

Nesimeye I. Oswald  
  blog author