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Tuesday, 24 April 2012



       Most often at times, many Christians turn away from the path of righteousness. Some turn away from God when they have plenty, i guess they've probably been sticking around because they had need. For some, the cares of the world tempts them and they give in and turn away. While for others, stubbornness and folly overshadows their sense of perception of realities and they turn away believing that they're in the right. What a great deal Satan has blinded these ones from. Their ignorance kills them slowly without them knowing for the the easiest way to kill a dog is by dulling his sense of smell. While the circumstances surrounding the turning away from the light might vary with Christians, the fundamental issue is that we Christians at one time or the other fall and turn away from salvation. We turn away from doing right to doing things that displeases God and break His heart. Yes we bite the fingers that fed our infant soul into the men and women that we become. For some of us, we know we're traveling the wrong way  yet we still keep on going anyway. We probably pray thus: "Lord I know I'm very far away from home. Like the prodigal son I left home and traveled far away from you. Lord I'm even afraid to say I'm sorry because i probably will go back to my sin and thus make a mockery of your grace. Father I don't know how far east I've gone but I know your eyes are still upon me and you await my return but father i don't know where to start from. When I left your presence I left the vision you gave me behind and lived a purposeless life. But father I've been traveling on this road too long and I've been trying to find my way back home but i don't know if you will still accept me.
Father I betrayed your trust and lived like a dog even when you've already prepared a banquet for me. Oh! Foolish me, what do i do now?"
 I know a story of someone who has tread this same path. In the middle of his distress , a voice called out to him saying :"son!  son! I'm not going to let you go. I'm not going to let you slip away so you don't have to be afraid because my mercy has said no to turning my back on you and my love said no to letting you go". This was the voice of his father, the one he deserted and ran away from. The same father he has sinned against. Yes this was the voice of God to his disobedient son. What an extravagant love and grace.
If you are reading this article and this defines you. If you like many others have turned away from the way of life and traveled the path of death. If your guilt is weighing you down and you say in your heart "God will not accept me", then hear what the Lord has to say . Thus sayeth the Lord: "son!  son! I'm not going to let you go. I'm not going to let you slip away so you don't have to be afraid because my mercy has said no to turning my back on you and my love said no to letting you go. So come unto all ye that have labored and are heavy laden and I shall give you rest". Honor this call this very minute and head back home. If you are thinking "where do i start from?" where you are right now is a good starting point. Go on your knees , confess your sins and ask God for forgiveness. Ask Him to help you overcome sin because only when you head back home will you find the peace you've been seeking in the road of death.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


The universe is composed of species which are on a constant race for survival. This article concerns itself with the race of humanity  and its realities. On the first day of this journey called the human race, we thought that it will be easy all the way .So with hopes up we went on the frantic race of life.
But little did we know that the journey has something totally different install for us.
But as we journied on, we were in due time exposed the realities of the journey of life. These are some of the things we got to realize:
1.Great men are born from the thorns and thistles because only the turbulent seas could make the skillful  sailors.
2. The race is meant for all but only the steady wins the race.
3. Fearless men are the ones that discover unexplored lands.
4. The battle is meant for the brave and strong to win .
5. Only the men of wisdom are meant to rule.
6. If you have not gone over the obstacles, then you are not fit for the crown.
I guess we had a different view from this. But now we see clearly and we know better. The old men that have gone the length and breadth of the journey gives their advice to the young. This is what they say: "life is not easy , for nothing good comes easy . Because life itself is a challenge so if life gives us all we want then where is the challenge in life? So brace up  strong for the field of life is not for children minds. Lessen your burdens in the days of your youth and you will have an old age worthy to celebrate. As it is said "make hay  while the sun shines". If there is one sentence to describe the greatness that you can behold, then it is this "if you can dream it, then you can achieve it". There is no limit to the heights that you can attain except for that which exists in your thoughts. In all that you do bind your ways with honesty and truth and you shall have your rewards in due season".
This is the reality of the race of life itself so do not dwell in feebles.