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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


"You know the importance of light when there is darkness. We understood the importance of education when we saw them with guns"

Friday, 19 July 2013


On my death bed ,these are the thoughts i wish to have on my mind on :

"Here at the end of my earthly journey , my heart is cheerful because i have fought a good fight and completed the race. i shall now no longer feel ashamed when i sit in the council of the great men of history."

what will your eulogy be ? The story of your end is all up to you.

Nesimeye I. Oswald

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Day For A New Hope

With the dawning of this new day, comes the dawning of  yet another  struggle that will decide my tomorrow. There is yet still hope because i have today.  Today is the day to renew all hopes.

Monday, 15 July 2013

What good are riches?

I've always wished for things in my life to turn out for the better. Through out my years on earth i've always had a dream of been a very wealthy person . Here on this very day and in this very minute , i find myself at the very last step to success and i ask myself  " get wealthy then what?" . I've seen rich men die and buried in the same soil as the poor , i've seen many struggle all their lives accumulating wealth only to die when they least expected and when they die they leave everything they have accumulated behind and i'm forced to ask "what good are riches?". Riches perhaps are a wasted effort because we have no portion in it when we die. With all these going through my mind, i just thought to myself "if i am not taking anything along, i might as well give everything out and put a smile on peoples face before i die. if i'm not taking my wealth along with me to the grave, then the orphans and widows shall have it. The less privileged, the ones in the refugee camps, the ones who cant afford 3 square meals a day, the underfed and kwashiokor children shall have it all before i die . At least then i would know i'm dying with a contented heart filled with the joy that came from the smiles of those i helped.