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Thursday, 17 November 2011


              WISDOM SERIES 

      You know life is funny, life is amusing, filled with all sorts of foolishness, ugliness, laziness, and bad qualities
but yet it is the very definition of beauty and wisdom itself.
        You know sometimes i begin to wonder why there are good and bad people, why there are moral and immoral people, why there
are wise and foolish people, why there are strong and weak people ,why there are hardworking and lazy people,
why there are rich and poor people, why some are masters and others are slaves. I mean why can't everyone be good?, why can't everyone
be moral?, why can't everyone be wise?, why can't everyone be strong?, why can't everyone be hardworking?, why can't everyone be rich?,
and why can't everyone be masters?.
        A walk down the path of my thoughts, I saw that true to me, everyone can be good, everyone can be moral, everyone can be wise
everyone can be strong,, everyone can be hardworking, everyone can be rich, and everyone can be masters of themselves. But I realized that
even this thought of mine is not practical. I mean if everyone becomes wise, then who will listen to who?, if everyone be good, then who will
be the vessel unto dishonor?,if everyone be moral,then who will make CNN's news headlines of crime,corruption, murderer,rapists and suicide
bombers?, if everyone be strong, won't everyday be a showdown?, if everyone becomes rich, then who will sleep on the streets and under the
bridges in the cold dark nights, if everyone becomes masters of themselves, then who will serve them?
       This thought of mine i guess is pratical enough. But even more practical is this one thing i know for sure
, "WE ARE WHO WE WANT TO BE". We can be good, bad, hardworking, lazy , rich, poor, wise , foolish, e.t.c. It all
depends on us.
       I mean, what stops me from becoming wise?, isn't it just a matter of decision and doing what needs to be done?
But even this simple question sometimes calls for rethink for people like me who tried to stand up on their feet
but yet failed many times. You know in those times, I thought about the drought ravaged children of the Sudan that
if they were given half the opportunity i was given, they would make greatness for themselves, yes i know poverty and disaster is not everyone's
idea of fun, but we would have to sometimes understand that "sorrow is the isle of transformation for the foolish minded one, there itself does wisdom lie.
      But in  the long run, i knew i was not foolish though i did some foolish things, i was not lazy thogh i slept like a sloth, it was just a matter of me
gathering some more strenght and strapping back up on my feet. Do you know why this is?, it is because i am who i want to become. So my readeres out there,
never forget this, "WE ARE WHO WE WANT TO BECOME".   

                                 10 INSPIRATIONAL WORDS TO SEE YOU THROUGH YOUR DAY
·         The problem of a man is the problem of most men so don't worry you are not alone.
·         If you can dream it , then you can  achieve it.
·         Impossibility is a word used only by a lazy man.
·         It is always possible for those who want it enough.
·         The universe is governed by laws, life involves applying the right laws to solve the problems before you.
·         With every dream comes a price to be paid and with every foolish action comes consequences.
·         The price for success is hard work.
·         The catalyst for success is determination.
·         Our limitations exists only in our thoughts.
·         I know there exists a niche in the plain of greatness for a little skinny child who lives in the valley of poverty but houses in him a dream far beyond his status.
                                                                               NESIMEYE .I. OSWALD

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