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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Why do we do the things we do?

Rhapsodies of Oswald

You know, sometimes I wonder why I do some of the things I do even though it is not yielding any profit.

I mean here am I with nature on this beautiful day with a complicated and troubled heart. I looked around and I saw the grasses dance to the tunes of the wind , I heard the birds singing in harmony with a joyful heart. I felt the peace and love in their hearts. Just that one moment with nature made me realize the simplicity of life and I kept wondering to my self why i complicate my life by myself when it was made simple for me.

To what reason do i slave for money from day to day at expense the of my peace and happiness?

To what reason do I pursue fashion and trend from time to time when even the  flowers of the field that wont exist anymore in a matter of days,weeks , months has clothes more beautiful than all my clothing combined.

Here am I in my youthful exorbitance and wild passions  exposing myself to immorality just to fulfill my sexual desires but in the end realizing that what I need is not a sex mate but a friend and sister. 

I wonder what I was trying to prove by being rebellious to God and acting as a prodigal child. I mean what exactly is it  I was  searching for when I threw away the pearl given to me and went in search for another treasure.

Re-compassing everything I've done , i just laugh to myself and say; "oh foolish me!".
In the end i just realize, it is not the wealth that matters, nor the fame or fashion. All that matters is the salvation of our soul which is the main reason why the everyday business has become a decision of eternity.

Perhaps we may just realize that all we need is just a plate, a spoon and a nest to live a fulfilled life.

     Thanks ,
Nesimeye I. Oswald
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