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Sunday, 30 June 2013


15 Rhapsodies Of Oswald

  •  Your interaction with every second is what defines your tommorow .
  • We are all kings in our own little ways and every mans home is his castle.
  • We see clearly when we stand on the shoulders of great men. 
  • What definition have you given your tommorow today?
  • I will not say do not weep for not all tears are sorrowful.
  • The true age of man is not measured by the years in his life but by the life in his years. 
  • give me meat and i will be grateful. teach me how to hunt and i would forever be indebted
  • what challenge is there in life if we easily get all we desire? 
  • A day may come when the courage of men fails but it is not this day. Today we fight even if it doesen't lead to victory .
  • And I heard the old prophets say  "a little more, a little more, the peak of success is just a step away"
  • We are what we think .
  • If you can dream , you can make it..
  • Our limitations exists only in our thoughts.
  • TIme wasted cannot be regained but  the moment can always be redeemed.
  • Is it necessary to set up a university in order to acquire the ability to recognize the conception of Godhead? 

Nesimeye I. Oswald

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