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Tuesday, 20 December 2011



In the world of fantasy, there exists many injurious things that causes the hearts of men excess want. In the world of vanity, the unimportant things are the things that captivate the sense of men. In the world of the spendthrift, everything is good for buying. But in the world of resource management, budget is necessary. This world is characterized by contentment and this contentment gives birth to inner peace. I know of a rich man (whether this man be real or fictional, i knoweth not but he exists in my thoughts of possibility). This man had pretty much that he could afford numerous houses and cars as he pleases. But this man built just a house and furnished it to his taste. He bought just 2 cars that served his and the family's daily purpose. There were adverts and commercials everywhere that was always telling him to change his old stuffs and go for new ones but if these things don't serve his purpose, he just ignores them. The millions keeps rolling into his account just there for him to spend but he just leaves money needed to meet the family's need in his account and gives the rest money to orphans, widows and less privileged. He simply says: "how much does one need to keep alive? What use will all these wealth be if I die today? I guess what we really need in life is just a shelter over our head, clothing to cover our nakedness , then a plate and a spoon."
This is true contentment and it's what we all should practice.  

Nesimeye .I. Oswald
    Blog author

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