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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

FEARS--what are they?

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        As it has been defined by many, FEAR is 'A FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL'. Which ever way it must have been defined, the bottom line is: Our FEARS are those things that we are afraid of. Just as the circumstances surrounding peoples life are different, so also are their fears different. Our fears are at most times our Achilles heels. For me, i am not afraid of situations that prove themselves impassable or circumstances that present themselves as an obstacle because i probably see them as challenges that can be overcomed.  I guess life is pretty much an adventure for me and just like a friend said "life itself is a challenge so if life gives us all that our hearts bid, then where is the challenge in life?." Primarily, the things that i am afraid of are these:

1. Disconnection from God.
2. A proud heart.
3. Disconnection from wisdom , vision and purpose.
4. Disconnection from inner peace.

Can a house stand without its pillars?, how can the spider climb without its webs?, or can appliances work without a source of power?. Those are some of the things that my fears spell. I can't begin to imagine the misery and randomness that my life will face when my fears come real. But sometimes i think : what is there to really be afraid of ? I mean, the precursor to the establishment of our fears are the granting of our consents to it. In the practical world, nothing happens without our awareness. Even in the face of unforeseen occurrences  that befall us sometimes  ,when we are down we get back up. When we make mistakes, we draw our lessons and make it right another day. When we are dissapointed, we do not quit but keep pushing on. Just like my friend said: "life itself is a challenge, so if life gives us all that our hearts bid  then where is the challenge in life?" . Looking at all these , i concluded that there is nothing really to be afraid of. I guess it's true what they say:"FEAR IS A FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL"

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