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Saturday, 18 February 2012


 Rhapsody of thoughts

To the youth it says:
Opportunity is yours child but you must use it well.
Greatness is placed before thee child but you must be willing to attain it.
The beauty of the youthful era is seen in the joy of the latter days .
There exists a time and a season for everything that berawyeth under the sun.
If there is a better time to plant child, it is now.
A time cometh when thy strength and agility will seize.
The fun and wildness of the youthful days will be no more in those days itself.
What remaineth with thee then is the fruit of the ways that thou walked in the days of your youth.
The way you make your bed child, so also do you lie on it.
Many has made their beds rough and they likewise had to lay rough on it.
These days that you behold seemeth unending in thine eyes but it's end cometh swiftly.
Rejoice in thine youth child but never forget your God and creator neither should you be blinded to the path that lay ahead.

Berawyeth  ----  Happens
Cometh      ----- Comes
Remaineth ----- Remains
Seemeth    ----- Seems

Nesimeye I. Oswald
   Blog author

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