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Friday, 3 February 2012



Who said that this greatness was not possible? Who said that such beauty as this cannot be beheld? The potentials to achieve whatever it is our heart bid have we been given but lo we lie on the floor everyday weeping and cursing the constrain that restrianeth us. But would a door open without us pushing? Will there ever come to be light without someone putting on the source of illumination? I reason and laugh within me , how can someone that has been given everything not make a quarter out of his life? Greatness is not a destiny but a choice just as no one was born poor and neither was any one born rich. Everyone was born equal with talents to trade with. The greatest part of destiny resides with individual and not God. God gives us a choice of destiny , it is thereafter up to us to choose. In this monument of varsity called Earth, species make their niche with hard work not wishes. No wonder despite the size of  the ants, they build hills that the sloth cannot build. The  catastrophe of ignorance is failure, the beauty of hard work is success. It is only by continuous riding can the balance of a bicycle be maintained. The earth was not created by physical strength but by wisdom. The race is not meant for the strongest to win but for the slow and steady to accomplish. It doesn't matter if we walk, run or jog toward greatness, what matters is that we keep on moving. Nothing worthwhile will be presented on a platter of gold but on a plain of thorns , this is a universal law itself.

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