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Saturday, 5 January 2013



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Compassion brings peace of mind and with it better health; so cherish compassion.
To utilize our intelligence correctly a calm mind is very important.
Through education we have to lead people to see that concern for others is actually in their own interest.
By implementing the practice of love and compassion, we will naturally live a non-violent way of life.
Scientists are discovering that while anger and hatred eat into our immune system, warm-heartedness and compassion are good for our health.
On a simple level we find that if we have a compassionate heart we naturally have more friends.
I always try to share with others the idea that in order to become compassionate it is not necessary to become religious.
When you are warm-hearted, there is no room for anger, jealousy or insecurity.

Past history clearly shows that violence cannot solve problems.
Co-operation comes from friendship, friendship comes from trust, and trust comes from kind-heartedness.
A great Tibetan teacher of mind training once remarked that one of the mind’s most marvelous qualities is that it can be transformed.
A mind wishing to benefit other people and other sentient beings is the very basis of peace and happiness.

Ask yourself, what am I doing about my anger, my attachment, my pride, my jealousy? These are the things we should check in our daily lives.
Peace in the world relies on individuals finding inner peace. 
Dalai Lama
One way to ensure everyone’s peace and happiness is to cultivate a healthy respect for the diversity of other peoples and cultures.
We need to encourage an understanding that inner peace comes from relying on human values like, love, compassion, tolerance and honesty.

Genuine happiness comes from focusing on the happiness of others.
Success can’t be measured by how much money you have, but by whether you have inner peace in your heart.

Once you have a genuine sense of concern for others, there’s no room for cheating, bullying or exploitation.

Peace isn't the mere absence of violence; peace must come from inner peace. And inner peace comes from taking others’ interests into account

Warm-heartedness and concern for others are a part of human nature and are at the core of positive human values. 

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