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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


15 Rhapsodies Of Oswald

  • True beauty does not lie on the outside but lies within.
  • We are all born to shine as children but only those who light up their lamps shines.
  • Peace is what all human seek but only few who understand that only God can give peace actually find peace.
  • Ignorance is a contagious disease . so choose your friends wisely.
  • An admirer of beauty always wishes to bask in the light of the beauty it beholds but nothing beautiful comes easy so it takes an hard working admirer to bask in the light of such beauties.
  • That the fruit tree on a fertile soil has not fruit on its branches doesn't mean it is barren but it is waiting for its season to manifest.
  • Though everyone looks, it only takes the discerning heart to actually see.
  • Words of wisdom are meant to illuminate our lives. The reason why though we hear the words of wisdom everyday but are not improving in our spiritual and physical lives is because we do not apply the words of wisdom we hear.
  • Doing something without understanding is like moving without a direction. Understanding is what gives direction.
  • Fate is what we make for ourselves for life and death is always placed before us. what we choose is our fate.
  • Sometimes when things aren't going well, we look at our lives and wonder where we got it all wrong and we are always tempted to look at where we fell instead of where we slipped.
  • In nature are the wisdom of God expressed.
  • The size of a vehicle determines the amount of passenger it would carry thus  the size of your dream is a determining factor of your height in life. So dream big dreams.
  • One lesson humans have failed to learn from the butterfly is to follow guidiance. It is what always leads to a field of beautiful flowers.
  • We sin freely because we do not understand the extent of hells torment neither do we fully understand the beauty and glory of heaven. Only if all men understood then would all humans really act in fear of God. 

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